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Manager of Camtel Carrier

As a carrier-grade service provider, we have redefined opportunities for all telecom operators in a unified vision that fosters connectivity on and off the African continent. Camtel Carrier, the digital hub of central Africa, is the indispensable springboard for connecting landlocked countries to the world. Our strategic positioning in the African carrier ecosystem makes us your go-to-telecom solution provider beyond and across borders. Contact us for tailored telecom solutions crafted to suit the evolving needs of your business. There is a host of dynamic and dedicated specialists at reach 24/7 committed to unlocking your telecom potential.
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Our Team

Customer service

Our seasoned and proactive customer service agents have developed an instinct of “customer-first” in line with our strategic approach being a customer-focused culture. They are our first line of support for all your needs and remain available 24/7 via multiple platforms.

Account manager

As a valued-customer of Camtel Carrier, we have premium account managers listening and responding promptly to all your pre-occupations and worries as well as efficiently managing your account for the best user experience.

Technical operation

Camtel Carrier’s telecom technicians are focused on ensuring that your get minimum disruptions and maximum availability. By wiring, installing, repairing, inspecting and servicing devices and equipment, monitor communication signage by fulfilling functions such as; network inventory management, fault management, managing provisioning and network signage.
  • After-sales service : At Camtel Carrier, we place the customer at the centre of our activities and orientate all our actions to satisfying our customers’ demands and needs. We strive to go above and beyond meeting the customer’s expectation because we believe in “customer centricity”. Our host of dedicated professionals are diligent and committed to excellence.
  • Network engineers : the network engineers at Camtel Carrier are continuously researching and developing new network solutions aimed at improving our current network efficiency.
  • Network manager : our network managers provide technical support and training if need be of our customers on industry best practices.