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Customer and Partners

National customers

Operator with a concession for the establishment and operation of electronic communications networks with national coverage open to the public, excluding transport networks (MTNC, OCM, VIETTEL, CAMTEL MOBILE, CAMTEL FIXE). The services offered are the rental of dark fiber, colocation, internet transit etc.

Internet service (LSIP): Solution offered by CAMTEL making it possible to establish dedicated Internet links with a dedicated speed of n x 2Mbs between the customer and the CAMTEL router connected to the Internet backbone. The customer is connected to the CAMTEL Internet Center router via the cable network.

Ensure the establishment, operation, monitoring and or provision of an electronic communications network.

Providers of national and international transmission links (LSU, LSI, IPLC)

International customer and services

Purchase of international circuits and Internet capacities on our cables under hand and our national backbone: SOTEL TCHAD, SOUDATCHAD

Provide termination of calls to the CAMTEL network, routing of calls from the CAMTEL network to their networks and other destinations in the world
Provide CAMTEL with Internet capacities via our submarine cables: Orange France, GILAT, TATA, WIOOC, CHINA UNICOM. (New suppliers in progress: GLOBENET, COGENT)